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Justin's Septic and Excavating works year round. Excavating work in the fall can encompass a variety of tasks, depending on the specific needs of your project. Fall is generally a favorable time for excavation work in many areas because the weather is often more predictable and stable than in the winter. Here are some common excavating tasks that can be done in the fall:

Foundation Excavation:

  • Fall is an excellent time to excavate for new home foundations, additions, or other construction projects that require a stable and level foundation. The cooler temperatures and lower risk of heavy rain or snow make it an ideal season for this type of work.

Septic System Installation:

  • Installing a septic system typically involves excavation work. Fall is a suitable time for this because it's less likely to disrupt landscaping, and the ground is usually easier to dig in due to lower moisture levels.

Land Grading and Leveling:

  • Fall is an opportune time to grade and level land for landscaping projects, parking lots, or any other area that requires a flat and even surface. The cooler weather allows for more comfortable working conditions.

Drainage System Installation:

  • Installing drainage systems, such as French drains or stormwater management systems, can be done in the fall to prepare for wetter weather in the winter and spring. Proper drainage helps prevent flooding and water damage.

Pool Excavation:

  • If you're planning to install a swimming pool, fall can be an ideal time for excavation. The ground is often drier, making it easier to dig, and you can have your pool ready for use by the next summer.

Utility Trenching:

  • Excavating trenches for utility lines (water, sewer, gas, electricity, etc.) can be done in the fall. It's essential to complete these projects before winter, as frozen ground can complicate trenching and installation.

Site Preparation for Construction:

  • Preparing construction sites, including clearing land, removing trees or debris, and leveling the ground, can be done in the fall to set the stage for upcoming building projects.

Excavation for Landscaping Features:

  • If you're planning to install features like ponds, fountains, or retaining walls in your landscape, fall is a suitable time for excavation work. It allows the ground to settle before planting in the spring.

Soil Testing and Sampling:

  • Fall is an excellent time to conduct soil testing and sampling for future projects. This information can be crucial for designing proper foundations, drainage systems, and landscaping plans.


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